Cook Wissahickon’s Choir Hits All the Right Notes

Progressive Business Partnership with Cook WissahickonEd Satell and Progressive Business Publications (PBP) adopted the Cook-Wissahickon K-5 Elementary School (CW) more than sixteen years ago.  Strengthened and supported by Progressive Business Publication’s programs, CW’s school environment became positive and the school itself expanded to its current position as a K-8 elementary and middle school.

As school district funding shrunk, particularly for the extracurricular programs that engage and inspire students, Progressive Business Publications began to support additional initiatives.  CW’s high-energy young music director, Nick D’Orsaneo, proposed forming a choir to channel students’ interest in music. The Choir program has been very successful, with more than 40 students in grades 3-8 participating.  Being a Choir member is a real commitment, with required practices to create their “sound”.

Their hard work has paid off. This Spring CW’s Choir qualified to compete in the Hershey Park competition, and took First Place!  The School community was thrilled!

To make the victory even more exciting, CW’s Choir will now perform for the 2013 Miss America Pageant during the televised annual pageant parade!  What a great year for this positive and empowering program.

Progressive Business Publications salutes Director Nick D’Osaneo for his vision and dedication.  We proudly compliment the students for their dedication to practicing and performing, and for the wonderful music they make!

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