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Progressive Business Publication's Phil Ahr with Karen Thomas, principal of Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School

Progressive Business Publication’s Phil Ahr with Karen Thomas, Principal of Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School

“Paying it Forward”…  Last week PBP’s CEO was recognized for his constant commitment to that concept.  Although he’s received numerous philanthropic awards over the years, each is unique in its focus.  The CEO Philanthropy Award is sponsored by Executive Leaders Radio Program, a hugely-syndicated business news program.   The award allows twenty select nonprofits to honor the individuals who support them.  Each nonprofit representative speaks briefly about the CEO honored.

The Principal of Cook-Wissahickon K-8 Elementary School (CW) truly made her comments stand out.  She said that although her relationship with Ed Satell is only a few years old, his relationship with her school is sixteen years old.  Sixteen years ago Ed & his company adopted CW and were key in “turning the school around”.  She described the before and after-school programs Ed’s company developed, funds and runs, the Mentor Program, the Class Trips—and so much more.  Karen said that other Principals find it hard to believe any private company could do so much for such a sustained time commitment.  And that made me think of a story older than any student in th
e school, one we’d recently shared with Karen about the beginning of the PBP-CW partnership.

When Ed dove into the partnership, he did so completely, and in spite of being a CEO, he personally researched how to run an after-school correctly, visiting area institutions to see what worked.  That’s why I think this award is unique, since it recognizes not just philanthropy, but the human vision and commitment behind it, the dedication to “paying it forward”.

The award was accepted by Phil Ahr, an original and still-involved member of the Mentor Program.

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