PBP Salutes Cook Wisshickon’s Class of 2013

“We are really appreciative for your continuing dedication to our school throughout the years. We have grown to be well-rounded teenagers prepared to make the transition to high school. There is nothing we can do to repay you, all we can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Cook Wissahickon Graduation

Cook Wissahickon Graduation

With these words the Cook-Wissahickon School Class of 2013 dedicated their colorful and charming yearbook to Ed Satell and Progressive Business Publications. The Class of 2013 opened their yearbook with the dedication, then opened their graduation ceremony with their Class President offering a wonderful acknowledgement of Progressive Business Publications as well.

It’s always inspiring when young people say thank you. This group did so enthusiastically, citing all the reasons they were grateful, from the programs and support in their early school years to the company’s commitment to the eighth grade, including sponsoring the graduation celebration, yearbook, and the memorable field trip. In this case it’s very deserved, since Progressive Business Publications has truly been a part of their school community since their kindergarten.

The families in attendance were equally vocal in their thanks for all the initiatives Progressive Business Publications provides for the school. It was moving to hear parents tell stories about how much their children would miss the after school program, or how much they loved their Mentor – both special programs provided by Progressive Business Publications. One grandmother, herself an educator, said her granddaughter had benefitted tremendously from the enriched programs at CW, and thanked the company for the great work it does in support of educational nonprofits!

We wish the Class of 2013 all future success!

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