Congrats to Ro

Rosemarie Fuscellaro

Rosemarie Fuscellaro

“Listen, we’ll make it work”… Ro’s work ethic, and her mantra. The Cook-Wissahickon School (Philadelphia) has lost a treasure. Rosemarie Fuscellaro, the “go-to” woman for many years, retired on June 21, 2013, after over two decades with the school district.

Ro absorbed work the way others guzzle water. She never turned down an opportunity to do something for “her” school, and always came through. Through the years, the Administration, teachers, families and parents all recognized that Ro was a human lynchpin. With her energy, her encyclopedic knowledge of the school community, its relationships, politics and challenges, and her many “connections”, Ro was capable of organizing anything. She even brought huge trays of gorgeous homemade cookies to her own retirement celebration!

Ed Satell, Progressive Business Publication’s CEO, trusted Ro and her networks to help organize the first After-school program PBP envisioned for CW. Sixteen successful years have proven his decision was correct. Always a good judge of people, Ed recognized Ro’s unique capabilities. We’ve been fortunate they have been directed to CW!

Congratulations, Ro, on all your contributions. Thousands of children at CW have benefited from your dedication, as have so many co-workers. You have touched many lives! Thank you!