Cook Wissahickon Wins Energy Efficient School Award to Go Green

CW's new entryProgressive Business Publications proudly congratulates its long-time education partner and adopted school, Cook-Wissahickon K-9 Elementary (CW), for their recognition in Pennsylvania’s Energy Efficient School Awards.

CW was one of only four winners statewide.  At a time when the budget for the School District of Philadelphia keeps shrinking, CW has found a way to actively and effectively save money for the District through their impressive energy conservation.  In fact, CW has the goal of reducing the school community’s energy consumption by several percentage points each year!

CW is one of three District schools chosen to pilot an initiative for reducing energy consumption.  The school community embraced the challenge, reducing their energy consumption by 5% in the last year alone.  The students themselves developed a program implementing practical and thoughtful energy conservation at every grade level.  They’re tracking their energy consumption on the national Energy Star benchmarking website and are aiming to reach the magic number of 75.  That will mean CW uses 40% less consumable energy than typical buildings.  In fact, CW is on track to achieve Energy Star status in 2013!

One time-consuming but exciting project has been the exterior makeover.  Through a grant, CW’s outside appearance has been greatly improved and its conservation efforts expanded.  Immediately visible are the 42 trees planted along the perimeter to aid with shading and cooling.

A new 10,000 square-foot meadow replaces concrete and weeds and will allow CW students to study rainwater runoff, storm water management, and urban wildlife.  What an opportunity for our students and their dedicated teachers!

We are delighted that “our” school has taken the initiative and focused on sustainable energy conservation.  It’s a terrific lesson for all of us.

Congratulations to the visionary Faculty, the super CW students, their families, our outstanding Principal Karen Thomas, and the wonderful Wissahickon Sustainability Council (CW’s Green Committee).  Due to the efforts of all these individuals, great things keep happening for and at Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School!