History of Giving

The Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and The Satell Family Trust are private foundations. They were organized by their founder, Ed Satell, in recognition of the benefits of freedom and opportunity made possible by the sacrifice and contribution of those who came before him. The foundations are dedicated to a tradition of giving back in proactive, targeted ways that create qualitative opportunities for young people as well as support selected institutions in communities he is part of, primarily with appropriate projects that serve the greater good.

To the selected institutions, the foundations tend to contribute long-term support with hands-on involvement. The emphasis is on transformational development for children, young adults and the community.

The foundations do not accept contributions from the government or other private sources. People motivated to do so are encouraged to make contributions directly to the institutions they favor.

Giving Principles

Progressive Business Publication’s five giving principles:

  • Continuity — Provide consistent, long-term support. Not just by writing a check, but by actively supporting the mission of the organization. This alignment is vital for continued commitment.
  • Involvement — Assist organizations to become stronger. Ed Satell often personally helps with problem-solving, good governance issues, developing performance strategies and monitoring results. A number of people on his top management team also serve on nonprofit boards or provide volunteer help.
  • Performance — Back strong leaders of mid-sized nonprofits that have long term track records of effectively serving their communities needs.
  • Values — Support organizations that promote non-discrimination and mutual respect in alignment with Progressive Business Publication’s values.
  • Gratitude — Recognize that those who benefit from the community should give back to the community. At Progressive Business Publications, every employee knows that the company does well by doing good.

Areas of Focus

Progressive Business Publications uniquely supports more than 30 projects with 26 nonprofit institutions by focusing with consistent discipline, on five key areas:

  • Children —The developmental needs of disadvantaged children to help them become motivated to be constructive citizens
  • Education —Unique educational and leadership opportunities for promising young adults so they will better serve the greater good
  • Community & Civic —Support for institutions that make our community a more vibrant and engaging place to live
  • Research — Focused research on major issues like curing cancer and fostering energy independence
  • Heritage — Support for the founder’s heritage, since Ed believes everyone should be proud of his or her heritage

PBP supports its commitment with a full-time Director of Philanthropy, Regina Black Lennox, who oversees the initiatives.