Ed Satell founded a successful business based on high-quality, practical products and services coupled with a strong dedication to customer satisfaction and employee development.  But more than that, Ed recognized the responsibility and the privilege of giving back to ensure the greater good.

Throughout his career, from the earliest cookware company days and his sponsorship of the “Save the Children” fund, he has focused on philanthropy and corporate citizenship.  This required long-term planning, understanding the big picture and a strong value system.

He has created two charitable foundations to support his efforts, the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and the Satell Family Charitable Foundation Trust.

Ed’s Philosophy of Giving for the Greater Good 

First, develop a successful business founded on strong values and communicate these values to every employee and stakeholder. That serves clients and employees well.

Second, since all wealth comes from the community served, successful businesses should give back to the community.  This positive corporate citizenship strengthens and enriches everyone.  A vibrant community helps attract and keep top people in the regional workforce, and encourages many of the best and brightest young people from area colleges and universities to locate there. Accordingly, it’s in a company’s self-interest to support the nonprofits that create an activity-rich city.  Ed’s company, Progressive Business Publications, is a model of good corporate citizenship.

Connect with Ed on www.edsatell.com.