Mutual Achievements

Rarely does Progressive Business Publications only write a check.  Instead we partner with select nonprofit institutions on targeted programs to make a difference, providing time, financial resources, and leadership.  As a result, here are a few ways we’ve impacted the community:

Donated 15,000 Hours

Hundreds of PBP employees have spent a combined 15,000 hours tutoring and mentoring with at-risk, inner-city school children over the past 15 years at Cook-Wissahickon, a 100% Title 1 Philadelphia elementary school.  In addition, Progressive Business Publications has covered 90% of the cost of before-and-after school programs to support families and enhance safety and learning opportunities.  The result has been a dramatic increase in performance – from the bottom 20% to the top 20%.

Deidre Farmbry
“The progress demonstrated at Cook-Wissahickon School on the PSSA has been remarkable and laudatory. I attribute the growth to a combination of factors – high among them is the continuous support provided through the exemplary partnership with Progressive Business Publications.”

-Deidre R. Farmbry
Former Chief Academic Officer
School District of Philadelphia

Developed 300 College Students at Franklin & Marshall College

PBP has sponsored and led the development of an intensive two-year leadership program at Franklin & Marshall College to prepare students for their life after college.  Over the past five years, more than 300 students have earned a distinction on their transcript for having completed this program – Satell Scholar.

Kent Trachte
“Few programs have had the transformative effect on our students as the Satell Scholar Program for Life After College Success. Satell Scholars understand the benefits of preparing for their future careers and this program gives them the structure, tools, experience and support to ensure success. We are grateful to benefactor Ed Satell and Progressive Business Publications for making this program possible.”

-Kent Trachte
Franklin & Marshall College

Helped Train Over 100 Scientists from Rutgers University

PBP sponsored a program at Rutgers University for the past 6 years to train more than 100 scientists throughout the world performing embryonic and adult stem cell research.

Rick Cohen
“I want to thank Ed Satell and Progressive Business Publications for their tireless support of my research.”

-Rick Cohen
Director Satell Stem Cell Research Laboratory
Rutgers University

Sponsored 75 Social Entrepreneurship Scholarships at The University of Connecticut

Over the past 6 years Progressive Business Publications has given scholarships to over 75 students at The University of Connecticut for 8-week summer Social Entrepreneurship programs in Guatemala.

Greg Van Kirk
“Thanks to the incredible contributions of Ed Satell and Progressive Business Publications in support of UConn students’ participation in the Social Entrepreneur Corps, thousands of rural Guatemalan families have improved standards of living. Women can see again to weave, children are drinking safe water and families are no longer inhaling smoke from cooking on open-pit fires in their homes. These are just a few of the ways in which, through empowering college students to work in innovative social entrepreneurship, Ed is making the world a better place.”

-Greg Van Kirk
The International Social Entrepreneur Corps

Trained over 150 High School Students for Leadership & Social Action

PBP has sponsored a leadership and social action development program for more than 150 11th-grade students of promise from the Philadelphia area, including sending all of them to Washington, DC, and Israel to learn about history, government, leadership, and social action.

Ellie Brown Young Hero
“I have directly benefited from Mr. Satell’s model for youth leadership.  His fellowship program helped transform me into an assertive and understanding leader.  I am forever grateful for his generosity, and therefore set my life goals on impacting others as positively as Mr. Satell has impacted me.”

-Ellie Brown
Satell Teen Fellow
Winner 2009 Young Heroes Award