National Liberty Museum

Dedicated to preserving America’s heritage of freedom by fostering knowledge, good character, civic responsibility and respect for all people

International Interfaith Dialogue & Bridging Awards



The Satell International Interfaith Bridging Awards Committee

Located just steps from Independence Hall, the National Liberty Museum is one of the most exciting and innovative museums loved by children and adults alike for its emphasis on freedom, responsibility and respect for all.  Each year, the museum inspires over 65,000 schoolchildren, as well as tens of thousands of other visitors who experience the challenges and successes of our liberty and freedom through interaction and education.

What We Do

Recognizing that conflicts among religions have caused devastation throughout the centuries, Progressive Business Publications, through the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and the Satell Family Foundation, has taken an active role in providing support.  In addition to vital annual financial support and board service, Progressive Business Publications has:

  • Published a book for the museum, Defining New Christian Dialogue, with positive chapters contributed by diverse religious scholars, and an afterword by Ed.  Scholars include Kister Stendahl, Professor of Divinity at Harvard, James Sanders, President Emeritus of the Ancient Bible Manuscript Center, and the Rev. Eugene Fisher, Secretariat of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
  • Created and funded by the Satell Foundation International Interfaith Awards in conjunction with the National Liberty Museum to honor individuals who actively pursue bridging misunderstanding and generating RESPECT, tolerance and unity among diverse religions, consistent with democratic principles. Four prominent honorees from four diverse faith groups recently accepted these awards, traveling from across the world for the event.  Papal Nuncio Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy, who led the battle for New Testament language without bias against the Jews; International Holocaust survivor and United Nations spokesperson Gerda Weissmann Klein; Rev. Dr. Barclay Newman, leader of the American Bible Society; and founder of the American Islamic Congress and Consultant to President George W. Bush, Zainab Al-Suwaij.  The sold-out crowd watched as Ed Satell presented each honoree with a generous cash gift from the Satell Foundation to assist them in their interfaith endeavors.