World Affairs Council of Philadelphia


Ed Satell moderates a Q&A with Tony Blair. Blair accepted the Council’s Distinguished Statesman Award.

The World Affairs Council is widely recognized as one of the leading nonpartisan podiums in the nation, open to the public.  It is a private, nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to informing and engaging people of all ages on matters of national and international significance. The Council provides its members, and the greater Philadelphia community, with access to many of the most influential figures, policy makers and thought leaders in the global arena.

What We Do

Progressive Business Publications, through the Satell Family Foundation and the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust, sponsors many of the Council’s most influential and cutting-edge speakers who inform, educate, challenge, and inspire.

These include government leaders like Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, Joe Biden, James Baker, Tom Ridge, Lee Hamilton, and Rudy Giuliani…

Media personalities like David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Tom Brokaw, Cokie Roberts, Leslie Stahl, Don Graham, and Chris Matthews…

And CEOs and executives like Steve Forbes.

We also sponsor contemporary, impactful events from across the spectrum, including premier conferences like The New Global Dynamic, the televised briefing on the Iraq War with General Petraus, and the Council’s private Q&A Session with President George Bush.

Ed Satell interviewing General Patraeus

Ed interviews General Patraeus

Progressive Business Publications sponsors signature Council events like the Distinguished Statesman Award.  Recipients of this award have included the Chairs of the Iraq Study Commission and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. PBP also supports the Atlas Awards Program, which funds the Council’s award-winning education programs.