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The Caron Foundation, Wernersville, PA

The Caron Foundation, Wernersville, PA

For more than fifty years, the Caron Foundation has been focused on a single mission … to provide an enlightened, caring treatment community in which all those affected by alcoholism or other drug addiction may recover and have an opportunity to begin a new life. The nationally recognized Caron Treatment Centers is the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of the disease of addiction.   Caron offers the most comprehensive continuum of evidence-based addiction treatment for individuals and their families.   It has more clinical programs to meet the specific needs of each patient regardless of his or her age, gender or severity of addiction than any other treatment program for adolescents/teens, young adults, adults, baby boomers, older adults and their families.

What We Do

Ed Satell Humanitarian of the Year Award

Ed Satell receiving Caron’s 2009 Humanitarian of the Year Award from Joe Theismann

The unseen but deeply afflicted victims of substance abuse are often the children or siblings of substance abusers.  To support these  innocent children, Ed Satell, through the Satell Family Foundation and The Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust, has funded a specialized, monthly “safe harbor” weekend program. For the past five years, this program has been dedicated to counseling, peer sharing and processing to give these children more coping skills and fill their lives with more hope and purpose.

In 2009, Ed was honored by the Caron Foundation as “Humanitarian of the Year” recognizing the comprehensive impact of Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and the Satell Family Foundations.

“Ed, with his gift for giving of himself, defines the meaning of the term ‘Humanitarian’.  Ed always goes the extra mile.”

Doug Tieman
The Caron Foundation

The video below, created by Mitlas Productions, was used to introduce Ed Satell at the Humanitarian of the Year Event.