Yemin Orde

Youth Village for At-Risk Children

A home, a family, and a future for children without parents to care for them.


Atop Mount Carmel in northern Israel, Yemin Orde has provided a safe haven and home for orphans and immigrant children for almost sixty years.  Its mission began in response to the disparate plight of the Holocaust orphans, and expanded during later immigration waves to Israel.

Yemin Orde students showing their artistic abilities.

It is a wonderful, thriving home to more than 500 children.  The Village has welcomed children from around the world, including Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, North Africa, Iran, India, Yemen, Eastern Europe, South America and more. The children have generally suffered trauma in their young lives, usually from isolation, neglect, abandonment or extreme poverty.  But at Yemin Orde, the children heal, grow, and go on to become constructive members of society. Today, the Village operates very successfully under the guiding principles of renowned educator Chaim Peri, named the “Guardian of the Child” and Israel’s Educator of the Year in 2007.

An example of a Yemin Orde success story is Itzik Dessie, one of the first Ethiopian-Israelis to be accepted to study law at an Israeli university, is the founder and executive director of Tebeka, the only legal aid organization founded and run by Ethiopian attorneys and professionals serving Israel’s Ethiopian community.

What We Do

Chaim Peri, Yemin Orde’s director, with students.

For many years Progressive Business Publications, through the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and Satell Family Foundation, has given annual financial  support, as well as supporting American groups to visit, learn about the Village’s impact and sometimes to work at the site contributing to the well-being of Yemin Orde and the children.

Progressive Business Publications is prominently recognized in the Village’s “Garden of Fame”, created to remind the residents they are not abandoned by all, but have lasting support!