Satell Teen Fellowship for Leadership & Social Action

Award-winning Youth Program


Satell Teen Fellowship Students

The Satell Teen Fellowship (STF) is a highly-competitive, innovative leadership-skills program for highly-motivated teens from across the Jewish community who want to make a difference in the lives of others.  The theme of this annual program is “Be Inspired, Find Your Voice, Make an Impact”.  The fellows of STF are trained in critical thinking, affecting change, service learning, developing personal ethical guidelines, working with diverse communities and more all, over the better part of a year.

“I have directly benefited from Mr. Satell’s model for youth leadership.  His fellowship program helped transform me into an assertive and understanding leader.  I am forever grateful to his generosity, and therefore set my life goals on impacting others as positively as Mr. Satell has impacted me.”

-Ellie Brown
Satell Teen Fellow
Winner National Liberty’s Young Hero Award

The program includes a year-long “Commitment Project,” which allows each follow to address a particular issue plaguing humanity, whether local, regional, or global.  Through this experience, fellows are trained to believe in the “Power of One” while finding their own voices.  This culminates at the close of the year-long program, where fellows have the opportunity to present their projects in a symposium.

What We Do

Consistent with our focus on helping to create the leaders of tomorrow, we created and funded this award-winning youth program, now entering its eighth year, through the Satell Foundation and the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust.  150 students in the eleventh and twelfth grades have successfully completed the rigorous competition to become fellows, and commonly cite their experiences as life-changing.  In addition to the fellows emerging as strong and compassionate leaders with a life-long commitment to their heritage, we are particularly proud that four alumni have also founded their own 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Each of our 150 alumni has experienced three of the key aspects of the program, which are realized through a series of developmental trips including:

  • A three-day Leadership Retreat, giving new fellows opportunities to grow as a cohort and develop trust while absorbing initial skills and beginning research on commitment projects.  During this time, they also train in valuable peer-mentoring skills.
  • A three-day “Leadership in Action” visit to the nation’s capital, where the fellows meet and engage in spirited Q&A with senators, congressional representatives, key legislative aids, chiefs of staff, and top advisers including the Jewish liaison to the White House, as well as participating in “Street Torah”.
  • The climax of the program, an unforgettable 11-day trip to Israel, where our fellows meet with leaders and unusual people of influence, work at needed service activities, receive an insider’s tour of the world-renowned Technion Institute, and enjoy an extraordinary adventure covering much of Israel.

Program Highlights in Philadelphia

Satell Teen Fellowship Students 2

The fellows enjoy numerous meetings and informative Q&A with leaders around the Philadelphia region.   A favorite of the group is always a special brunch and critical-thinking program each year with Founder Ed Satell at the dramatic Lincoln Library in the Union League.

Presentations on asking questions, professional behaviors introducing Persons of Influence (POIs) and a variety of leadership, strategy and social-activism skills take place during monthly Satell Circle sessions.

Fellows also perform service activities together, at Project Share, Aid for Friends, Mitzvah Food Pantry and more.  This is in addition to their serving annually in leadership roles in many community-service activities, including Federation’s MLK Day and Super Sunday.

“Your passion and commitment to the well-being of our community and its members recognizes your understanding of the importance of the non-profit sector in improving the quality of life in our community Your visionary philanthropy spans generations, not only providing the resources to address the needs of our community today, it also secures the future leadership of our community through the Satell Teen Fellows Program for generations to come. As Henry David Thoreau said, ‘I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioned ability of a man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.’ Your conscious philanthropic endeavors inspire all of us.”

-Ira Schwartz
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Learn more about the program by visiting the Satell Teen Fellowship Site