University of Connecticut

The Satell Social Entrepreneur Program

Financial Sponsor & Leader of International Internship Program at UCONN


Social entrepreneurship has been proven as one of the most effective strategies for lifting people out of poverty and teaching them real and sustainable business models.  On the cutting edge of this approach is the Social Entrepreneur Corps (SE Corps), an organization that has contributed over 33,000 hours to projects in five countries in 2012 alone.  In partnership with the SE Corps, a unique intern consortium was created with Duke University, Columbia, the University of Notre Dame, and UCONN to create a social entrepreneur internship program for their students.  Living with local families, these interns train and coach local “entrepreneurs” to help develop and sustain micro-consignment-supported businesses.

What We Do

Progressive Business Publications sponsors and provides scholarships for an exciting Honors Internship program for the UCONN students through our Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and the Satell Family Foundation. Through our involvement, this program has already allowed more than 75 UCONN students interested in international development, to work directly with SE Corps field professionals in Guatemala for eight weeks during the summer.

We meet with the students in late spring each year as they prepare for their program and familiarize themselves with local customs and beliefs.  Then we debrief the students in early fall, just prior to the annual Social Entrepreneur Program Symposium.

Each intern receives nine honors credits, and has the opportunity to present an inspiring seminar on their accomplishments for students, faculty, families, alumni, and other regional guests. This event has become an acclaimed model at the University, and continues to create momentum for the program.

“One of the most effective ways for students to help poor and marginalized communities  in developing regions is through social entrepreneurship, including the development of micro-finance and micro-credit business opportunities. With support from the Ed Satell International Social Entrepreneurship Fund, our students participate in a remarkable experiential learning program in Guatemala and acquire a valuable set of business skills and intercultural knowledge.”

– Dr. Daniel Weiner
Vice Provost for Global Affairs
University of Connecticut


The Satell Social Entrepreneurship Program offers students the opportunity to make an important, tangible difference in people’s lives, while gaining the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to evaluate and create affordable sustainable business models.