Hillel Houses

At Franklin & Marshall College & The University of Connecticut


Hillel House is a vibrant on-campus religious and social and community center, connecting Jewish students to their school, peers and heritage through an array of social, cultural and community-service programs.  Hillel is committed to engaging students in activities that help to develop leadership skills, access service-learning opportunities, and form their own identities as independent adults.

Hillel House at both F&M and UCONN hosts well-attended weekly Shabbat dinners, High Holy Days and Holidays, cultural and sporting events, social justice activities, and many other events that celebrate Jewish heritage and secular life.  The leaders and professionals of Hillel are dedicated to creating a pluralistic, fun environment for college students where they are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually and socially.

What We Do at Franklin & Marshall College Hillel

Hillel House at Franklin & Marshall College

Hillel House at Franklin & Marshall College

The college president led an initiative to expand F&M Hillel House facilities, even adding a strong academic presence by having some college courses taught there.

Ed Satell, through the Satell Family Foundation and the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust, provided funding to help raze an old house on campus and prepare for a new, specifically designed Hillel building true to the architectural style of the F&M campus. To allow the building to be of adequate size, we funded the second story hall, linking offices, meeting rooms and more.

Today, The F&M Hillel House is a vibrant part of the college campus, with many programs and events.  Over 100 students, Jewish and others alike, attend Friday night Shabbat dinners.

What We Do at The University of Connecticut Hillel

Hillel House at UCONN

Hillel House at UCONN

Thanks to its inviting atmosphere, almost 4,000 students, more than half non-Jewish, were impacted through the Hillel programs or the facility in the last year alone.  The administration is proud that it is completely student run, which helps to create and drive programs attractive to students.

As an alumnus, Ed, through the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and the Satell Foundation, has provided generous three-year support to restructure the program under the enthusiastic new Director, Gary Wolff.

“Ed, I can only say ‘Thank you’.  Your vision and trust created an impact for the UCONN community across the board that will last for years to come.”

-Gary Wolff
University of Connecticut Hillel
Executive Director

Learn more by visiting Uconn Hillel.