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The Satell Stem Cell Research Program

Training over 100 Scientists from Across the Globe

What We Do

Dr. Rick Cohen and his students in the Rutgers Stem Cell Research Center

Ten years ago, Progressive Business Publications, through the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and the Satell Family Foundation, began funding Dr. Rick Cohen to support cutting-edge stem cell research.  At the time, Dr. Rick Cohen was fresh out of the National Institute of Health.  He has since become an internationally recognized expert in stem cell research and a long-time leader of this prolific stem cell initiative.

Today, Dr. Cohen directs the Core Facility at Rutgers’ Stem Cell Research Center.  Here, he has established a renowned stem cell training program for collaborative scientists and has been instrumental in deriving New Jersey’s first human embryonic stem cell lines.

In addition, Dr. Cohen’s team runs a 5-day intensive, hands-on Pluripotent Stem Cell Training Course, which covers feeder free technology, as well as several specific applications, including cellular reprogramming, neural differentiation, lentiviral transduction, Nucleofection™, and Flow Cytometry.  Progressive Business Publications is proud to be the original and continuing sponsor of this program, which has now trained more than 100 scientists from across the globe.

The philosophy for this important initiative is clearly win-win-win.  Course participants win the best technology. Their institutions win new knowledge, and waiting citizens win with stem cell research, ethical understanding and knowledge-sharing among scientists.

You can watch Dr. Cohen speak on emerging stem cell issues at the Hall Institute Forum.

“Personally, I want to thank Ed Satell and Progressive Business Publications for your tireless support of my research. Today there more than 100 scientists from all over the world that have been trained by our stem cell program because of your support.”

-Dr. Rick Cohen
Director, Satell Laboratory
Stem Cell Research Center
Rutgers University